Our Mission

Love needs to be celebrated. It’s one of the most powerful emotions and is the foundation for kindness, optimism, and peace. All things the world needs more of.

Love comes in many forms: self, parent-child, sibling, first crush, soulmates. All of which should be cherished and celebrated on more than one occasion a year/life.

Whether you are celebrating the love for yourself or with someone special, jewelry is the perfect way to express the sparkle, brilliance, uniqueness and longevity of that situation.

Our Story

Starting with its birth in 1999, Ice has had its own life phases just like the rest of us. The biggest of the transitions happened in 2018 with its acquisition by Diamond Foundry. Then, in the summer of 2019, we spun the the business back out as a standalone company with a bigger mission, more focused product offering, and a huge opportunity to share in the celebration of love.

This is our shared story, from us to you.

Matt Wilkinson, Founder & CEO

“Celebrating love means celebrating life. Celebrating love means celebrating a better world. Celebrating love means celebrating the most amazing people in your life.

Join us in celebrating you, your partner, your children, your siblings, or your best friend from high school. Cherish what the world is with these people in your life.”