About Us

We are a team of women that love jewelry and our planet. We combined our passions to bring you sustainable, quality fine jewelry at the best cost possible. IceTrends is rooted in 20+ years of legacy, with a modern twist. We are Lovable, Sustainable & Affordable.

Our take on love (+ Customizable design)

We stand for love without limitations. The notion of love exceeds race, religion, skin color, orientation and gender. It is our belief that love is something you define for yourself. And just like our view on love, our jewelry has no limitations. At IceTrends, we offer an online customization experience empowering you with the tools to make any design their own. It is your uniquely beautiful love story, told by our radiant engagement rings and jewelry.

Commitment to sustainability (+ technology)

Our socially conscious engagement rings and fine jewelry are a direct reflection of who we are. We source our stones and jewelry through a combination of ethical partners and a sustainable above-ground production technology. By leveraging these unique supply chain relationships, we’re able to provide our customers with superior quality jewelry without the conscious of supporting the unethical practices of the mining industry.

Accessibility to all / Commitment to inclusion / Commitment to accessibility

As a part of our commitment to creating unique and inclusive products, we pride ourselves on the concept of obtainable luxury. At IceTrends, we’ve taken certain measures to increase accessibility to individuals with financial limitations. We partner directly with our designers to ensure high quality products at a low cost. In addition to this, we offer interest free payment plans that are easy to use and free of charge. Love doesn't discriminate, and price shouldn't either.

We have evolved

Starting with its birth in 1999, Ice has had its own life phases just like the rest of us. The biggest of the transitions happened in 2018 with its acquisition by the largest created diamond manufacturer. Then, in the summer of 2019, we spun the business back out as a new, standalone company with a bigger mission, more focused product offering, and a huge opportunity to share in the celebration of love.

What’s your love story? Let IceTrends radiant diamond rings and jewelry do the talking.