About us


Celebrate the moments of life with Affordable Brilliance

Founded in 1999, Ice.com, now found at icetrends.com, is your online destination for premium fashion & bridal jewelry.


We help you celebrate all the moments in life by creating personal experiences around great products: from finding the right earrings for a graduation, to picking the perfect engagement ring, to choosing a necklace to match your favorite outfit, your journey should be positive, personalized and poignant.

What does Affordable Brilliance mean?

We believe you shouldn’t spend your life savings on an engagement ring. Spend less for the ring and enjoy the experience of getting married. Have an amazing honeymoon. Spend on the experience.

We believe affordable doesn’t mean low quality. All our jewelry is crafted with the finest metals and precious stones.

We believe brilliance goes beyond the typical mined diamond. We’ve been working with amazing designers to bring you brilliant ethical jewelry. All these pieces are handmade with recycled metals and use Moissanite or Lab-Grown diamonds.

We believe being affordable means having payment options. At Ice, we offer choices such as credit card, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Affirm which allows you to pay monthly towards your purchase (think of it as lease-to-own).