Our Mission

Merging a twenty year legacy in the industry with a mindset of innovation, Ice Jewelry is the most progressive luxury jeweler in the marketplace today. We are rooted in the belief that fine modern luxury should be obtainable for everyone, no matter the budget.

Shop for the perfect piece from thousands of styles, carefully curated collections, or let us bring your custom design to life. We offer a number of exclusive deals, throughout each month, for our loyal customers. Choose from our groundbreaking flexible payment plans that are user friendly and easy on your pocketbook. Within minutes you can have the luxury you've always wanted.

Whether for you, or a loved one, Ice Jewelry allows you to shop for anything that catches the eye and captures the heart.

Our Story

Starting with its birth in 1999, Ice has had its own life phases just like the rest of us. The biggest of the transitions happened in 2018 with its acquisition by the largest created diamond manufacturer. Then, in the summer of 2019, we spun the business back out as a new, standalone company with a bigger mission, more focused product offering, and a huge opportunity to share in the celebration of love. 

Ice Rings - Our sister brand

As a part of a re-launch we also started our sister brand, Ice Rings, which is centered in Love and Engagement with a focus on sustainability. Perhaps the best part about Ice Rings is ability to fully customize your engagement, wedding and special jewelry requests. We are the only jewelry brand in the market place to help you bring your dream jewelry design to life, in the quickest and most attainable way possible. 

This is our shared story, from us to you.