Bridal Set Buyers Guide

The Ice Guide to Buying a Bridal Set

A bridal set is a combination of an engagement ring and wedding band that are created as a tightly integrated pair, where the pattern, motif and metal choices match beautifully. Bridal sets are extremely popular with the wearer because they are gorgeous to behold, and popular with the buyer because it takes the guesswork out of the purchase process.

So how do you go about finding the right bridal set, whether it’s for you or your significant other? 



Engagement rings used to be fairly traditional in their styles and stones. Thankfully, an evolution in trends and cultural norms has opened up all kinds of possibilities, from lab-created, ethical stones and colorful gemstones to diverse ring styles like clusters and stacking rings.

When considering the right style, think about the deepest parts of personality you want it to symbolize; those elements of character that are your essence (for a self-buyer) or drew you to her in the first place (for the giver) that will always be integral. Should it symbolize charity, spirituality, creativity, glamour?

We do our best to classify rings into categories like eco, modern, bohemian, festive, romantic and timeless that will give you a leg up in finding the right bridal set.


As with style, the stone you choose should reflect the essence of the wearer. Diamonds are traditional and always the popular choice. Sapphires come in second and are equally beautiful, durable, and have grown in popularity (especially with Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire ring) with its rich history as symbol of royalty, wisdom and health. They also come in other colors besides blue like white and pink.

Moissanite is also a smart alternative. It’s a lab-grown gem that has become incredibly popular in recent years, given its close similarities to diamonds, environmental-friendliness, durability and price.

Other gems like morganite, rubies and emeralds are all increasing in popularity, which opens up possibilities for uniqueness. It’s no longer a diamond-only world.

The shape of the stone are a matter of preference, with round still being the most popular (52% of rings in 2017, according to The Knot), followed by princess cut (square or rectangular sides) and cushion cut (square with rounded corners, like a pillow).


Choosing a metal for your set is less about essence and more about preference. White and yellow gold are our most popular options followed by platinum and rose gold. All of them are beautiful and will last a lifetime.



The “two month’s salary” rule comes from a jewelry advertisement from the 1980’s. Not exactly an unbiased opinion. At Ice, we encourage our customers to consider their values and life experiences above all. That’s not just the experience of getting married but the honeymoon and other adventures that your money could go towards.

The ring itself (not the price tag) is a symbol of enduring love and commitment. So think about what you value most and let the ring speak to that belief system. If you would rather put your money towards an experience and save on the ring, we have an amazing collection of low-priced but durable and gorgeous rings.

Whatever you decide to spend, we not only have beautiful rings to match, but smart options for leasing and monthly payments.




If you’re sizing yourself, you can use our printable ring sizer. If you’re surprising your partner, it might be tougher. The best option is to get one of her other rings and have it sized, or to ask one of her friends to find out.


Our team is here to help, so feel free to reach out anytime by chat, email or calling us directly to help you through the process.