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Garnet - January

As the birthstone for January, garnet is said to bring love, luck, health, loyalty and friendship to people who are born this month.


Amethyst - February

This purple stone is said to be incredibly protective, healing, and purifying. It's claimed it can help rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom.


Aquamarine - March

Aquamarine is associated with tranquility, serenity, clarity, and harmony. As the first of the spring birthstones, the sea blue crystal represents transformation and rebirth. It embodies youthful vitality, purity, loyalty, hope, and truth.

Diamond - April

The diamond is thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength. Wearing diamonds is purported to bring other benefits such as balance, clarity, and abundance.

Green Emerald

May Birthstone

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Pearl Jewelry


The pearl is a symbol of perfection and long life and because of its luster, it is often considered a MOON symbol. Buried within the OYSTER shell, the pearl represents hidden knowledge, and it is highly feminine.

Ruby - July

The ruby is a lustrous, deep red stone that has accrued special and symbolic meaning through time. Through the ages, the ruby has represented nobility, purity, and passion. From ancient times through the modern-day, rubies have been valued by cultures around the world.

Peridot - August

The August birthstone, peridot, symbolizes strength. It was once believed that the green peridot crystals found in volcanic ashes were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele. When set in gold, this gem was said to protect the wearer from nightmares.

Opal - October

October's birthstone, the opal, symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. Discover more about this month's birthstone!

Citrine - November

Celebrate November birthdays with this lovely earth tone stone. The meaning of citrine is focused on prosperity, joy, and energy.

Blue Topaz

December Birthstone

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