Icetrends is joining Vrai & Oro!

Where are you guys going?

At Ice we have always had a passion for ethical jewelry with a focus on offering affordable luxury.

With these goals and our customers in mind, we have merged with Vrai and Oro (V&O) - a brand that prides itself on creating jewelry ethically and responsibly - to create a singular brand.  We are excited for you to join our journey and to experience our curated collections for your big day and every day thereafter. Learn more about Vrai and Oro

What if I have a return?

If you have an existing or open Return Request, it will be processed by our Returns Team accordingly. It generally takes 3-7 business days for returns to be fully processed once they are received by our team. If you have an open request for a size exchange please contact our customer delight team and provide us with the tracking number for your return shipment. That will allow us to process the exchange more quickly.

What if I get my order after you shut down and I don’t like it?

Our Returns Policy still covers any item you purchased from us. You can initiate a return through our online portal here: Please review our Returns Policy and make sure to contact us within the appropriate time frame to ensure that your item(s) are able to be accepted back. You can view our complete Returns Policy here:   You can also contact our customer delight team at for assistance.

What’s going to happen to any store credits I haven’t used?

Once our current store is shutdown, any store credits with an active balance will be transferred over to the new store at  A new credit code will be emailed to you.

I had a coupon to use with you guys.  Can I use it on the new site?

All current promos are good for only.  However, we are offering 10% off a $200 order or more on Vrai and Oro from now till May 20, 2019.  You should see your specialized code in your inbox. 

I have a payment plan. What do I do if I have questions about my account balance or payoff options?

If you need assistance with regards to your balance, payments, or your account details for one of our financing options, it is best to contact their Customer Support Team directly for assistance. Please see the contact information below for those teams:



Phone: 651-504-5402



Phone: 855-423-3729



Phone: 888-568-7735

What if I have a problem with my order and you guys shut down between me placing and receiving it, how can I contact you?

Our customer delight team is still currently available to support our customers through the receipt of your order. If you’re needing assistance you can contact us here:  You can also email us at

What if I never receive my package?

We send the tracking details for all of our orders via email. If you haven’t received tracking details, or are having issues receiving your shipment, please let us know right away so we can work to locate the package for you.

How can I access things like my order history or payments/prices of orders?

You will still be able to access your order history for an extended time after the store is closed down. You can view those order details by logging into your account.  You can always contact for additional assistance.


Will my shopping history be available on Vrai and Oro?

Your order history with will be accessible for an extended time but will not be transferred to the Vrai & Oro site.  If you need any assistance with order history, please reach out to our customer delight team and they’ll be happy to help.


Does Vrai and Oro offer payment plans?

Yes!  Vrai and Oro is partnered with Affirm and offers 3,6,9 and 12 month payment plans.  You can check out the V&O FAQ here


What can I expect with this new site?

You’ll see new and different jewelry designs meant for both special occasion and every day wear.  Every design is made with the idea that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.  You can check the entire collection at 


Thank you for being a loyal Ice customer

We appreciate all of your support over the years and are very excited to enter this new chapter with Vrai and Oro. We look forward to continuing this journey in providing you beautiful, ethical and affordable luxury.