Moissanite Buyers Guide

The IceTrends Guide to Buying Moissanite

Moissanite is a unique gem that was originally discovered in a meteor crater back in the late 1800’s. It’s incredibly rare to find naturally, but scientists have figured out how to cultivate this beautiful gemstone in labs. The quality has continually improve over the years, making moissanite a brilliantly affordable alternative to traditional diamonds.

Why has moissanite's popularity skyrocketed in recent years?



Moissanite has incredible sparkle that is not only eye-catching but is often much more brilliant than a diamonds. Depending on the cut, it can score higher than diamonds in the refractive index.


Moissanite costs a fraction of the price of mined diamonds. While diamond prices typically vary based on the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, color and carat), moissanite only differs based on size and quality level.



Being grown in a lab environment means there are never issues around human labor exploitation (note: our suppliers only source ethical diamonds and gemstones).



No mining is involved, so moissanite is always incredibly friendly to the planet. Environment-lovers can wear it with pride.


Rated at around 9.25-9.5 on the MOHs (hardness) scale, Moissanite comes in just behind diamonds for their durability.

So if you’re looking for jaw-dropping sparkle without spending huge amounts of money (while feeling good about it), take a look at our collection of moissanite jewelry.