What is Emerald Cut Jewelry

The Understated Elegance of the Modern Emerald Cut Stone

With the endless assortment of stone cuts available for purchase, it can be a challenging task to select the look that suits your personalized style. The jewelry industry presents a dazzling array of every size stone, shape and modified cut to maximize the brilliance of a diamond or utilize the natural beauty the colored stone you seek is most sought after and known for. Armed with knowledge and ideas in mind, you may desire a more simplistic, sleek appearance. There, the emerald cut stone is considered.

The emerald cut features the colored stone or diamond expertly cut into a rectangular shape, with steps around the table/top of the stone, bringing out the beauty and scintillation of the stone by the stone cutter/jeweler. It is also known as a step cut, hence the step-facets on the top of the stone. The edges of the stone are often concave (devoid of points on each end), which is referred to as beveled or truncated. The name “emerald cut” originates from its popular usage with the emerald stone, but is often seen with diamonds, corundum (sapphires) quartz (amethyst, citrine for example), and beryl ( such as emerald and aquamarine), in addition to a host of many other varieties of translucent and transparent stones. The rectangular shape comes in array of ratios with two longer and shorter sized sides, and can contain several facets throughout. Emerald cuts are frequently in prong settings, with the prongs on the concave tips of the stone, holding the stone carefully in place, and protecting the edges.

Choosing the stunning emerald cut means choosing a stone that is also suited for this cut, as many stones do not make the grade with this longer table top. An emerald cut stone or diamond means this stone has fewer inclusions, as these naturally occurring internal patterns may be made more visible to the eye.

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