The Next Chapter of

The Next Chapter of

A little over a month ago, my partner and I at Glimmer purchased a controlling stake in We saw something special about the jewelry category, and the potential for reinvention of this once-proud company around a more discerning and fashion-forward customer.

We are a “turnaround” group. We acquire stalled companies and transform them back into profitable, thriving businesses by focusing on the customer, building better products, using smart technology, and building strong cultures.

Ice has been around for a long time, but had lost its focus, voice and connection to the customer. As a result, its product set was vast and difficult to navigate, and customers were no longer loyal.

We spent time with the original founders (who are still partners with Ice) and learned the rich history of the business and what the company stood for in the early days.

We also spent a lot of time looking at the jewelry business, which was going through its own transformation: customers demanding more modern pieces, a deeper connection to the story behind the jewelry, and a better experience buying online.

We sought to reach Ice’s potential by helping our customers look good, feel good, and mark the moments of their lives.

Whether it’s finding the right earrings for a fundraiser, picking the perfect engagement ring, or exchanging a product, your experience should be surrounded by good feelings and a personal touch. In an era of impersonal, data-driven commerce, we want to bring back the human to the online jewelry experience.

On the week we purchased Ice, my Dad (whose wife of 38 years passed away last year) described his relationship as a “string of pearls” representing the events of their life, and that whenever they traveled to an exotic new place, he would buy her jewelry to mark the occasion. When she died, he gave that jewelry to friends and family members who got the history of that specific piece.

That same weekend, my wife had dinner with the Director of my daughter’s former school. The Director was an pivotal person in our daughter’s life during a very difficult period. So when she made a nice comment about my wife’s necklace, my wife removed the piece and gave it to her without thinking. It was a primal gesture of respect that went beyond words.
We’re not here to sell stuff online and make money. Money is required to do what we do, but I believe business should always come from a deeper, more meaningful place.

Our purpose is to help our customers mark the occasions of life with something that matters. And we will back this up by working with great, honest suppliers, selling quality products, and by giving you the experience you deserve.

We’re just beginning, and there’s still a lot of work to be done, but we see big things ahead and look forward to working with you.

Thanks for your support.


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